…is an artistic project that started in May 2018.

We, Clara 👩‍🚀 + Daniel 🧟‍♂️, create multimedia content that speaks for our curiosity and our questions on the matter of museums and digital development. We take museums 🏰 and their collections 🗿 as a starting point to talk about a great variety of tangential issues, such as technology, emotional intelligence, sustainability, or virtual spirituality. These issues take form and are explored through our ✨projects✨, which are often understood in humorous terms.

As we understand ourselves as cyborg entities, we not only operate in our digital half, but also our physical presence.🚵‍♀️ That’s why, since september 2018, we also started organizing encounters. 🐟

We were chosen 🎺🎾 to be part of MATADERO / MADRID as art residents during 2019 through their Art and Education Artistic Residence Call. During the course of this year, we will be developing projects, meetings and workshops from there! 📻🐢🌝

You can freely roam around our website, download our resources, and of course, attend our meetings! 🍗

✨These are some of our projects. We are still experimenting. ✨


Vertex of Weird Experimentation 🧜

Vértice de Experimentación Rara (Vertex of Weird Experimentation) is our proyect in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Museum and Art Centre.

Vértice is an experimental community of teenagers (15-17 years old) that will take place from october 2019 to may 2020. There, we will aim to understand and reformulate the Reina Sofía Museum in our own digital, contemporary and adolescent terms.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the museum:



The metropolis saga 🥨

La saga de la urbe (The metropolis saga) is one of our ongoing projects.

We have organised a series of physical encounters in the city of Madrid. Rather than meeting in museums, we try to relocate the experience of visiting a museum to other spaces of the city complex. This way, we try to embody our ideas through debate and group practice. 🚪🧀

Our first encounter took place on 23th september 2018 on a supermarket, where we reflected on museums, sustainability, consumption and technology.


Museum tours 🔮

Some of our projects revolve around generating new narratives around the museum’s collections, and at the same time, producing new experiences and dynamics between the museum and the visitor.

In Cuidadito (Very careful) we entered the Museo Reina Sofía trying to generate an emotional experience rather than an intellectual one, reflecting on the necessity to take care of oneself and the others. 💄🍬

In Cuerpos opacos que no producen sombra (Opaque bodies that don’t cast any shadow) we selected bodies from the Museo del Prado (painted bodies, our bodies) and analysed them as symbols of something else. 🐵💅

In ¿Cómo que me comes? (How is it that you eat me?) we traversed through the collection of the Museo Lázaro Galdiano and talked about cannibalism and the desire to eat what we desire. 🥪🧘‍♀️

In Museo desbloqueado (Museum unlocked) we reflected on what the paintings of the Museo del Prado try to tell us, and if those discourses are still present today in modern gaming. 🦃🏓

valle caidos gif.gif

What the f*** do we do now!? 💾

¿Qué coño hacemos? (What the f*** do we do now!?) was a project that revolved about the significance and the possibilities around The Valley of the Fallen, the infamous monumental complex in Cuelgamuros built by Francisco Franco between 1940 and 1959.

We visited the place, carefully outlined the quandary that this space implies, and asked our followers for possibilities and alternatives to re-signify it. 🐀🍂